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accacc is a FREE smartphone application which sends acceleration (smartphone shaking) data to or your local machine.

Smartphone shaking data is associated with <<topic>>.

Users can set any words as <<topic>>. is a smartphone shaking data hub with simple interface http GET.

Http GET path contains <<topic>> which accacc user sets.

Your can get real-time shaking data of who users have interest by the <<topic>>.

Gathered smartphone shaking data around the world can be used for Game, IoT, LiveEvent, LiveStreaming, and so on.

Get Started

1. Install accacc on your smartphone(iPhone/Android)

2. Launch accacc and input <<topic>> you want, and push [Connect] button.

3. On your PC browser, input url<<topic>> and Enter.

4. You get smartphone shaking JSON data like below. You done!


*. You can get data via any programming language by HTTP GET, parsing the JSON, and use the data on your application.


Canvas Draw

Set Topic <<jscd>> and shake your phone.

source code

all client data

Click the image

Raspi Servo motor
Live streaming

Set accacc Topic <<mikunegi>> and shake your phone. Miku swings her negi(green onions). She is in my home in Japan Kanagawa.(There is some seconds lag on streaming.)


See API details. <- click!


Real-time <<topic>> list. Text size represent the client connecting number.



accacc and are both FREE.

<<topic>>'s detail?

Max <<topic>> length is 128 byte. Any language(UTF-8) are available. Because <<topic>> can be requested by HTTP GET, it's recommended NOT to use Percent-encoding characters.

Special <<topic>>?

<<debug/ticktock>> and <<debug/random>> are preserved for debugging.
If accacc user send data with empty topic, convert the topic to <<default>>.
Topic starting from "s/" is not shown <<topic>> list at the top of this page.(e.g. <<s/secret_topic>>)

Private <<topic>>?

There are no private <<topic>> you only can use. Any <<topic>> can be GET someone.
But complex and long(.e.g using GUID) <<topic>> can be private virtually.

Can I send shaking data to without accacc?

No. accacc(for Android/iPhone) calculate acceleration to shaking data with same algorithm. should guarantee the data be created in same algorithm and system.